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The only time we tried the Down Home Diner was when the Dutch Eating Place (our regular haunt at Reading Terminal Market) was closed on a Saturday after Christmas (apparently an Amish holiday). We would've been better off skipping breakfast. I wonder how Rachael Ray would react to the crisp-skinned dry pancakes, the undercooked bacon (or the toothless server). You know she'd say "mmmmmm...I love the way this...) but seriously she must be gagging to herself and would need a drink later. Place the Down Home Diner on the "do not call" list if you ask me!

Minor Gourmand

Before I forget, I came across Down Home Diner's web page,
Therein you can find some sample menus and "about us"-type information.

Minor Gourmand

[Sorry] I know my parentheses were excessive on this post. Basically I was in a rush and had to compensate for a lack of time to develop a narrative with some quick paranthetical asides.


Stop with the brackets and parentheses (enough already)!! Try writing one paragraph without relying on them (bet you can't).

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