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thanks for sharing great shots.look forward to seeing more.

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Thank you for your visit,kind words and vote....I am happy you like my paintings...

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As a novice it is very appreciative for your very kind words.
I really enjoyed your blog.

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thanks for your kind words. After browsing your work i am in awe of the explosion of color, and the absolute honest approach to the portraits contained therein!

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Good work mate and hope to see more of your stuff keep coming.

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I find you also have a similar interest with the places and people that I have strong bloody passion with.

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which are another example of what some people call the "lexicalist hypothesis", a view that has occasionally -- but erroneously -- been inferred from some previous writings of mine. Since my linguistic creativity is infinite, I can categorically state that there aren't templates of any sort.

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Yeah, you're right.*


I'm from Nj close to philly. My family got cannolis from several bakeries to put them to the test. We always enjoy cannolis from Valleros, Terminis, and Isgros. But we tried a new place called Potito's.. when trying them all we were suprised that the ones from potitos were the best!


I have tried Termini and Isgro and none come close to Cipoli Cannoli here in Collingswood. The filling is actually flavorful. Even better they have kits (12 bucks) that lets you fill the shells at whim or just shoot the cream directly into your mouth. You really need to try them.

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