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drool! that looks utterly delectable... and chocolate eclairs are a personal favourite of mine, but so easily screwed up (for example by filling them with whipped cream insted of chcolate cream...yuk!)
i am nowhere near philadelphia, but i'd LOVE visiting Yann's. isn't it a shame that the internet doesn't handle tasts and smells all that well - yet?


I visit Philadelphia a couple of times a year to see my daughter(Penn student). I will for sure check out this bakery. Your presentation makes it appear irresistable.


I am also a great fan of Yann's, I have tried quite a bit of their desserts and my favorite is definitely the chocolate pyramid. It is delicious and rich, I love it! I have never tried their eclair, though, but your post makes me look forward to my next stop at Yann's. If you have never been there yet, I would also recommend Miel Patisserie, just a little further thann Yann's. Their macaroons are really good. You can read my review here: (in French).

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