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I'm new to your blog (and really the whole food blog community!), and I've loved reading your blog and looking at all the delicious-looking baked goods ;). I don't know if you've visited Ithaca before, but it's a great town...sooo beautiful. I recommend the Ithaca Bakery (great sandwiches and pastries) and Moosewood restaurant (you've probably seen the cookbooks). My family goes to a cabin by Colgate University every summer and we've been going on daytrips to Taughannock Falls State Park (outside of Ithaca) since I was little, so I recommend that too, especially in Spring/Summer. Good luck and keep us informed!


Hey Andy,

Thanks for the comments- if I moved away from Philly, I would miss R5 too. In fact, they're probably like 40% of the reason I moved back to PA from VA. Kind of weird, but it's been worth it.


I think you mean degustation, not gestation. I great feat of gestation would be giving birth to octuplets.

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