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Neilesh Patel (Recruiter focused on Food Manufacturing Jobs)

I enjoyed some of these posts, thanks for writing. I will share them with my colleagues. Is it ok if we include some of your posts in our newsletter? We will link to your site, of course. J I think our audience would enjoy these tidbits from time to time – they are all food and beverage industry professionals. You can email me at the address I provided.


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Blush sounds delightful! Will try next time in Philly.


Great review for Blush. Will try the Seared Scallops

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Yummy! This type of recipe makes me real hungry!

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Zama Restaurant

We here at Zama Restaurant love your blog and what you're doing for food in philadelphia.

We are opening a new restaurant in Miami and wanted to tell you about it. Here is our official press release:

Acclaimed sushi chef Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka is pleased to announce that he will be opening a new restaurant in Miami at the end of the month. The new location is currently under construction and will be located in the lobby of South Beach’s hip Shelborne Hotel. Zama’s first restaurant, the eponymous sushi bar located in Philadelphia’s posh Rittenhouse area, has been wildly successful in its first year, receiving rave reviews from the Inquirer’s Craig LaBan among others.
Zama hails from Japan, and worked at hot-spots Pod and Morimoto before opening his own place. Diners can expect the Philly import to deliver top-quality Japanese cuisine and innovative, colorful cocktails. Zama’s dishes combine traditional culinary elements with exciting modern flavors.

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Yummy! you make my mouth water! I'm curious to try!


If you want creative, beautifully presented food on the main line, you should try Sola restaurant in Bryn Mawr. It's a small byob that seats maybe 45 at one time, but the food is amazing and the service is spot on. It often flies under the radar.


This was my first visit to your blog, but before I knew it, two hours had flown by. You give detailed reviews with beautiful pictures.

You need to try the sweet potato fries and poblano cornbread at A Full Plate Cafe in N. Liberties.

Can't wait to read more from another philly foodie.


I have to disagree with this reviewer's lack of excitement for Blush. As a long time Main Line diner, and one who has become increasingly bored with the current restaurant offerings, I believe that Blush presents a breath of fresh air. My husband and I have eaten at Blush twice now, once on a busy Saturday night and again for Brunch the following Sunday. The wait staff is very attentive, the deep red and gold decor elegant and the food spectacular, a creative twist on a traditional American menu. We even dined to live jazz on Saturday in the dining room, lingering over wine and dessert to soak in a bit more of Blush’s ambiance. For dinner, we started with the chipotle seasoned calamari and a bottle of French chardonnay recommended by our server. I ordered the slow roasted salmon and my husband the rack of lamb. Each dish was beautifully presented and melt-in-your-mouth delicious down to the last detail. The tiramisu for dessert made for a sweet and satisfying finish. And to cap off the evening, we caught up with Chef Farina in the doorway to the kitchen to thank him for opening exactly the type of restaurant the Main Line has needed for years now, a family owned quality driven restaurant and bar with class and style. Brunch the following Sunday was equally as delicious and I can safely say that this restaurant will not fall prey to the misfortunes of its predecessors. We’ll definitely be back for more.

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