> In the Sweet Kitchen: Cookies!


This nascent obsession with food began with one strong impulse: the need to bake. I always saw savory or 'entree' dishes as time consuming and not as rewarding because it was once and done. I saw baking cookies as a way around this, a way to prolongue the satisfaction for days to come. Now, not far removed from (well, actually, still quite close to) my first days in the kitchen, I have set a few things straight. One, that cooking a savory dish is quite a rewarding experience (even if the rest of the family eats it in about 1/6th the time it took to prepare), and two, if you bake well enough, your product doesn't last the day anyway.

So, what will this album be composed of? Pictures of my cookies of course! These "little cakes" are still probably my favorite thing to make, thanks to endless the varieties and combinations. I rarely use the same recipe twice, thanks to my mobile curiousity, and usually try to make cookies that I can't purchase somewhere. I'd like that to change - it's nice to have a "constant" around the holidays that everbody clamors for - but nobody's perfect.