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Moosewood - Walnut Tofu Burger

Moosewood - Walnut Tofu Burger

Ithaca, New York

June 22, 2005

Yeah, not Philly, but this will soon be my home away from home. Consider it a taste of things to come...

I cajoled my dad into ordering this Walnut Tofu Burger, because a veg Moosewood Burger could kick most burgers' ass. Thankfully, the burger backed up my claim.

The patty was composed of corn, eggplant, red pepper, carrot, tofu, walnut, and a handful of spices and herbs. On top sat sweet sauteed onions and a slab of a some local "swiss"; below was a romaine leaf and a soft but hearty piece of housemade multigrain bread (not too different from Philly's LeBus). Obviously, Moosewood proved good burgers require only ingenuity, not meat.

(You can find a Veggie and Tofu "Californian Burger" at Sabrina's Cafe on Christian Street, an artery of the Italian Market.)