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Vanilla Marshmallows, Part 2

Vanilla Marshmallows, Part 2

Adapted from...
"Pastries From the La Brea Bakery" by Nancy Silverton

I became interested in trying to replicate these sugar pillows after an entire board was created around "Homemade Marshmallows" over at EGullet. One of the forum leaders, a pastry guru, posted his no-fail recipe. I tried it, it failed, but I blame myself for overmixing.

A week ago I came across a Philly Inquirer article about making the perfect cup of hot cocoa, with recipes from the likes of Pierre Herme, Dorie Greenspan, and Silverton. Greenspan also contributed a marshmallow recipe, which had very similar ingredients to the first one I tried, but used a slightly different approach. Hers turned out much better.

Problems that did occur: I under-corn stached and sugared the parchment paper, so the bottoms had less aesthetic appeal. They taste pretty sweet too, and after a mouthful crapulence may occur. Still, these blow away Jet-Puffed, especially in hot chocolate or chai tea. Next time I'm gonna try adding a flavor to balance out the sugary sweetness.