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The Bean Cafe (with my giant paw protruding)

The Bean Cafe (with my giant paw protruding)

South Street

Thanks to my wintery addiction, coffee drinks, I've been sampling a variety of cafes and coffee shops. The Bean Cafe is one of two or three such places directly on South Street. It was a blustery day when I entered, and the place was packed with patrons. I ordered a skim Cafe au lait with a shot of vanilla syrup. The extra syrup was a mistake, it just overpowered the milk and coffee. I partly blame the barista (Starbucks speak for drink-maker) for the overkill, and partly I blame myself for my damn sugar addiction. But it was sugar-free syrup I tell ya!...
$1.75 + .75 syrup + .35 addt'l oz= $2.85 (tax included somewhere)